Latest news from Michiyoshi *Originally posted in Japanese on 18th July -15th September, 2014

*Originally posted in Japanese on 18th July, 2014
A celebration? I was released from the hospital! But now is the most miserable period.
Firstly, I cannot talk (it will take at least two weeks for me to find my voice.) Because of my mouth sores and radiation burns, my throat is too swollen to drink… of course I cannot eat (drinking a little bit of water is already very difficult.)
Furthermore, as I survive by feeding tube, I cannot go out and move around freely.
Now all I have to do is to wait patiently for all my body functions to be reactivated little by little.
That’s why I am not glad that people are coming to see how I’m doing…

*Originally posted in Japanese on 5th August, 2014
The “downhill”, since 4th April, got finally flat. These days since the beginning of August, I can feel little by little that luck is turning in my favor on “uphill” road. I don’t cough, any longer. The inside of my mouth is full of foam like a crab, though I’m starting to eat. I lost energy and weight but I will do my best to get my second wind within the two months of rehabilitation I have coming up.
As for the radiation therapy on the middle part of my pharynx, my doctor whispered the other day, “In fact, nine out of ten people are defeated.” I was greatly surprised to hear that and knew that, I, who neither drink nor smoke, was lucky. I have no idea about how long I will be able to live healthy from now on, but I guess nothing is more precious than the joy of being useful to others. My wife Tamayo lost her mother and then got exhausted with nursing me now. Besides, her beloved dog has a serious illness. Also, I truly realized how my sister’s existence is irreplaceable.
After all, the real value of human beings is defined when he or she is obliged to find the answer for what they really live for. Let’s talk leisurely about this when I get better and my normal voice is back.

*Originally posted in Japanese on 5th September, 2014
One month has passed since my last message. This summer had certainly some hot days but I feel it passed fast somehow. I have been taking it easy in my villa in Izu. The interiors were renovated this spring as if to predict my stay here under these circumstances. I’d like to swim… though I’m not motivated to do so, as I have a plastic plug on my stomach for feeding tube, and after losing ten kilograms, my body is hardly returning to its former shape. Yesterday, however, I passed the MRI scan exam at the Cancer Institute Hospital, and the result told me: “Rejoice, you have completely recovered from your cancer!” I’d like to think that this is because of all the cheerful encouragement and “loving fan messages (?)” that everyone gave me.
The next week I will be rid of the feeding tube. In a month I wonder to what extent I’ll be able to bear people seeing me. I have no idea so far, but I have to eat a lot…and yet despite this I don’t have any appetite as I feel that everything tastes vague. And, well, music…I am wondering how God wants me to live my life from now on. I would like to live in a new world…

*Originally posted in Japanese on 15th September, 2014
To my great joy, Tadaaki Otaka came to visit me. Since many years ago I have proposed that he join me at the villa. His visit finally happened, even if it was because of my illness. He is well informed on health problems and taught me about some water and medicines for diverse prognosis. Because you know, we have been friends for the last fifty years. I was excitedly recalling the memories of our youth while Tadaaki retained his signature calm. Also, Yutaka Sado took a one day trip from Osaka to visit me. We haven’t had a close relationship each other so far, but with this opportunity I feel we suddenly became friends! I felt like throwing everything away so it was a good “medicine” to realize that Yutaka and Tadaaki are both walking the similar path in their own way.
Yoshiki Nakamura from the Tokyo Metropolitan Theater came to see me with his son. Being teased by a sixty-seven-year-old phantom could be a lifetime trauma for the four-year-old boy…


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