‚Praemium Imperiale' global arts prize

13 Oct 2010 / Maestro Inoue took part in the award ceremony of Praemim Imperiale, a global arts prize awarded annually by the Japan Art Association. Maestro Inoue himself is a member of the selection committee in the category of music. 2010 laureate, selected from the field of music, is pianist Maurizio Pollini.


ショスタコーヴィチ交響曲全集 at 日比谷公会堂
「今はショスタコーヴィチは僕自身だ! 」と語る井上道義2007年に成し遂げた「ショスタコーヴィチ交響曲全曲演奏会at日比谷公会堂」。 日本人指揮者唯一の偉業となる一大プロジェクトをぜひお聴き下さい。


降福からの道 欲張り指揮者のエッセイ集