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~ショスタコ交響曲全曲演奏プロジェクト・井上道義を追う~ 【1】


ショスタコ2007 祝祭ガラ・コンサート

[1] Actually, the project goes back to...
Though many of you may have missed, the "Shostakovich project 2007" by Inoue goes back to the gala concert of centennial of Shostakovich's birth held in the last November. This flier is also designed by Inoue--the Shostakovich's side view approached from the above and distorted Inoue's side view facing up from beneath, faintly printed brick alleyway… truly ghastly. The concert consisted mainly of the concerto by the young, highly talented soloists, which was perfectly glamorous for the celebration.
Unfortunately, I failed to listen to the performance live…

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